1984-2009: Celebrating 25 Years of Making Connections…Creating Results

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Message from Founding Partner Ed Kasper:

“I’m proud of my country and I believe in the free enterprise system which made her great.” These words were especially apropos 25 years ago when I founded this firm, and my passion for assisting owners considering the sale of their business has not changed one bit. I regard private business owners to be the “captains of industry” who drive our economy. And my mission is to create results for them when they’ve made a decision to sell what most likely is their most important financial asset.

Along with many of you, I’ve lived through several serious economic challenges since 1984. To name several – the oil industry downturn of the mid-80’s; the real estate and banking meltdown of the 90’s; the stranglehold on the economy after 9/11; and now the mortgage and financial system fiascos resulting in recession. Still, in good times and bad, entrepreneurs have a need to sell their businesses. Be it planned retirement, health concerns, family issues or just wanting to do something else, we at Kasper & Associates want to be the ones you call to make connections with a buyer who will provide the best financial return to you for all your hard work.

Texas is currently the best place to be in the U.S. should you want to sell your company. Why? Buyers want a presence where the economy is stable and even growing. Facts: The State of Texas, compared to entire countries, has the 15th largest economy in the world. 50% of the new jobs created in the U.S. in 2008 were created in Texas. The D/FW Metroplex had the highest increase of new residents (164,000+) during the latest 12-month reporting period of all major metro areas in the U.S. (San Antonio/Austin was third; Houston was fourth). These facts are key reasons why investors want to buy Texas businesses. Obviously the greater the buyer demand, the better financial return for sellers.

For your convenience, www.kasperassociates.com shows the primary focus of our brokerage services and provides a cross-section listing of businesses for whom we have achieved results. Also, bio data on our professional leadership team is included so you can see who will be advising you throughout the selling process and be confident you’ll have someone with exceptional business operations experience representing your best interests.

Kasper & Associates can make connections and create results for you. We welcome and appreciate your inquiry.

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