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Two business owners recently approached Kasper & Associates about selling their company.  Senior Associate Tony Ford performed a preliminary analysis and determined that it would not be in the owners’ best interest to sell at this time.  With his background and expertise he was able to make several recommendations as to how the owners could improve the company’s operations and position it for future sale.  The owners have implemented his suggestions and sent the following testimonial:


Hi, Tony,

It is never too late to say “Thank You”, and certainly the two of us want you to know you really are appreciated.  You not only accomplished your task as an Associate with Kasper & Associates, but delivered the message we needed to hear in a clear motivating manner…as we knew only you could.  There is something about that manner of yours that is kind of a “kick ass” approach that gets people like us moving.  We are grateful for that and for you.

Since we have spoken to you, we have moved onward with some increase in our enthusiasm.   So, good friend and mentor, again we say thanks. Thank you for doing the very thing that you say you enjoy doing. We can attest that, indeed, you do enjoy working with entrepreneurs, and we have experienced that passion as you have continued to reach out to us! 

Continue to be blessed as you bless others,

Name withheld


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