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Kasper & Associates Market Update

Best wishes from K&A for a New Year filled with peace and prosperity for you, your family, your business and our country.

Although the number of companies for sale is not yet at the level many business buyers would like to see (especially those in other regions specifically seeking opportunities in Texas), the last half of 2012 saw increased seller activity in the North Texas market.  Following is a list of K&A’s current transactions.

  • Garden Products Wholesaler (Seller-Side)
  • Continuous Spectrum Broadband Antenna Manufacturer (Capital Raise)
  • Laminate & Hardware Distributor (Seller-Side)
  • Custom Plastics Injection Molder (Seller-Side)
  • Food Manufacturing Company (Buyer-Side)
  • Manufacturer of Machine Parts (Single-Buyer Engagement)
  • Sports Medicine Products Manufacturer (Seller-Side)

We anticipate that more business owners will be inclined to pursue a sale in the near term.  K&A stands ready to assist with unparalleled, up-to-date market knowledge which is so important in the decision-making process.


Those of you who have yet to make your New Year’s resolution may want to consider improving communication skills.  To that end, K&A provides Success Maxim #11:

Toward Error-Free Positive Communication

When someone talks to you, updates you on a project, asks you to do something, assigns you a task, has a business communication of any kind or just needs a favor…here is a method that has proven effective in eliminating misunderstandings and errors.

1. Focus on the communicator

Stop – whatever else you’re doing.  Distractions cause errors.

Look – at the person who is talking.  People communicate both verbally and non-verbally.

Listen – with your eyes and ears.  Using eye contact increases listening intensity.

Clarify – by asking what, why, when, how.

2. Write the communication down

Writing the message or task reduces error by 90%.

3. Repeat it back

Repeating gives the communicator peace of mind that the message has been received and understood.

Repeat all dates and numbers twice.

4. Get confirmation

The communicator will appreciate acknowledging that you are correct in receiving and understanding the communication.

5. Deliver more than promised

Delivering is more important than listening, writing and confirming – combined.


At K&A we’re proud to be a trusted resource for so many of our professional contacts.  Please let us know how and when we can assist you and your clients in the coming year.

Best wishes for continued success,

Layne Kasper, Managing Partner

Kasper & Associates
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