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Kasper & Associates Market Update

The beginning of summer always has an impact on the deal-making process.  With so many moving parts in a transaction – buyer, seller, banker, attorneys, CPA’s, etc. – it’s inevitable that one or more will be on vacation or taking an extra day or two out of the office, often slowing down the progress of completing the deal.  This is when the role of the professional intermediary becomes even more important.

Having been involved in over 300 transactions, Kasper & Associates’ M&A specialists know what needs to be done to complete a successful acquisition.  We work to shepherd our clients through the process, ensuring that each side in the transaction is taking the necessary steps to get to closing.  Without a “quarterback” overseeing the details, important issues can be neglected and the great deal-killer, time, may drag along wasting effort and money.  K&A serves to complete the deal in a shorter period of time, in a more confidential manner and with a greater financial gain for our clients than they could achieve “going it alone”.


We’re still seeing many more buyers than sellers in today’s market, which could mean that now is a good time to get started for a business owner that has been considering selling.  K&A stands ready to meet with owners and their advisors to discuss the selling process and the current market for their company.

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