Free Enterprise Creed

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As we celebrate Independence Day, K&A also celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit that makes our country exceptional.


(Author Unknown)

I’m proud of my country and I believe in the free enterprise system which made her great.  I’m grateful for my sacred heritage.  I pledge that I’ll do all in my power to protect it.

To this end, I don’t want just security.  I want opportunity.

I don’t want to be a kept citizen.  I don’t want other people doing for me what I can do for myself.  I seek no career in poverty.

I want to earn my paycheck, not just collect.  I want to be able to hope, dream, take chances, and YES even fail.

And with the nobility of a second start, rise and fight to win.  I know that without this challenge, my soul, my very spirit, and all that is within me will shrivel and die.

I’ll not sell my birthright for a handout.  I’ll not exchange my liberty for a dole.

And this I know above everything else, if I cling to these principles, and if I hold to these ideals, then and only then can I stand erect, head high, marching forward to the music of a greater destiny, facing my flag in good conscious, and proudly say ‘I am an American.’

I believe in my country and her destiny.  I still cling to the dreams of our founding fathers.  I shall keep faith with my sacred heritage.


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