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Kasper & Associates Market Update

Along with the return of 100 degree temperatures in Texas (You didn’t think we’d avoid that, did you?), Kasper & Associates is seeing the return of steadier deal flow to the M&A marketplace.  We believe the two main factors for the recent surge in seller activity are (1) improved business performance which increases company value, ...

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Associate Spotlight: Leland Clemons

Leland Clemons has been a Senior Associate at Kasper & Associates since 2012.  During his professional career, Mr. Clemons has served in various management positions in commercial and investment banking as well as real estate development management.  He continues to offer strategic planning services for middle market companies in manufacturing, retail and service industries. Providing ...

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LinkedIn: A Modern Tool for M&A Due Diligence

Thanks to Stephanie Perryman with Regions Bank in Fort Worth for recommending this article.  While it’s become commonplace for employers to use social media in evaluating potential hires as part of the interview process, this is the first report I’ve seen about using it in M&A transactions.  I’m sure it won’t be the last! From ...

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2015 Best & Worst States for Business

Chief Executive Magazine has ranked the U.S. states for business environment, and once again Texas tops the list: http://chiefexecutive.net/best-worst-states-business/2015

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Remembering Nate Vail

Brig. General (Ret.) Nate Vail truly embodied the term “Officer and a Gentleman”.  The former K&A Senior Associate will always be remembered fondly by the K&A family on whom his influence is still felt.  We offer prayers and condolences to the family of a true American Patriot. ********************************** Nathan C. Vail (1934-2015) Retired Brig. Gen. ...

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Market Update: A Deal Like No Other

The following article from the Axial Forum details how unique a business sale transaction is.  The M&A Specialists at Kasper & Associates have a passion for shepherding clients through these life-changing occasions, drawing on the firm’s experience in over 300 transactions since 1984. *******************************************  “A Deal Like No Other: Selling a Business” By Samuel Howard ...

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There’s a Perfect Storm Approaching for Exiting Business Owners

We’ve been hearing predictions of the upcoming “Seller Tsunami” for a number of years now.  This article details predictions as to what this will mean for business owners and what they can do to prepare. From Axial Forum: **************************************** There’s a Perfect Storm Approaching for Exiting Business Owners By Gary Ampulski , Midwest Genesis On January 1, 2011 ...

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Why One Entrepreneur Isn’t Taking the Bait When It Comes to ABC’s Shark Tank

Sam Hogg, a venture capital investor with Open Prairie Ventures, takes issue with the popular venture-backing TV show. From the February 2015 issue of Entrepreneur: ****************************** Why One Entrepreneur Isn’t Taking the Bait When It Comes to ABC’s Shark Tank I teach a business class at a university here in Michigan, and it pains me to discuss ABC’s Shark Tank with ...

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Investment Bankers Don’t Have Magic Words

Not only is it not voodoo, it’s also not rocket science.  Experience goes a long way to navigating the selling process. From Divestopedia: *********************************************** Investment Bankers Don’t Have Magic Words By Bill Snow Takeaway: Investment bankers do not have magic words that they whisper in the ears of buyers to get them to pay more for a ...

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Did You Just Call My Baby Ugly?

Tips for handling the emotional aspects of a business sale.  While the discounted cash flow model described in strategy #2 isn’t completely relevant in the markets we serve, pay attention to strategy #3. From Inc.com: ***************************************** Did You Just Call My Baby Ugly? It’s easy for negotiations to get unnecessarily ugly. Here’s how to better ...