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When Your Big Customer Wants to Pay Late

Seven tips for business owners dealing with delinquent large customers. From CFO.com. ****************************** When Your Big Customer Wants to Pay Late Big businesses increasingly are making small suppliers wait longer to get paid. Here are seven strategies for pushing back. David Rosenbaum It’s the new normal: big companies are paying their bills late, later, and ...

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Adding Value by Broadening Management Responsibilities

Senior Associate Leland Clemons joined Kasper & Associates in 2012.  His expertise in strategic planning provides a unique perspective for business owners charting the course toward a successful business sale.  He’s written the following article addressing how taking steps to develop a solid management team can improve operations and increase a company’s value. Anyone interested ...

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4 Trends Impacting Dealflow Quality and Price

Keeping up with trends in private equity, this article delves into factors affecting today’s market.   With regards to the idea that new boutique business brokers and investment bankers prefer to deal with a small group of buyers, Kasper & Associates takes a much different approach.  It is our practice to reach out to a ...

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What Olympians Can Teach Small Business Owners about the Long View

I’ll add to the list:  In post-event interviews, we often hear athletes thank their parents or family members for the sacrifice and support that allowed the athlete to pursue their passion. Business owners, make an effort to acknowledge and thank those around you (spouse, kids, etc.) who accept the sacrifices that accompany entrepreneurship. From Amsterdam ...

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Texas Leads in “Domestic Movers”

Another good reason to do business in Texas.  From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. **************************************** Texas again leads nation in state-to-state movers BY STEVE CAMPBELL sfcampbell@star-telegram.com Texas led the nation in domestic movers last year, recording a net gain of 113,528 residents, according to numbers released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau. Florida was No. 2 ...

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Video: Layne Kasper on Preparing a Business for Sale

Friend of the firm, Roger Whitney with WWK Wealth Advisors, brought in Managing Partner Layne Kasper to provide his clients information about preparing their businesses for sale. Click here to watch the video.

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Private equity industry closes 2013 with record highs of “dry powder”

This article speaks to a theme we’ve been echoing for a few years now — good companies for sale in today’s market will have significant interest from a wide range of buyers. From the Venture Capital Post: ******************************** Private equity industry closes 2013 with record highs of “dry powder” By Nicel Jane Avellana “Dry powder” ...

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What Makes a City Great?

This video by the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce shows why Fort Worth is such a great place to do business (and to live!). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cL8Ez3B8FvY

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Two business owners recently approached Kasper & Associates about selling their company.  Senior Associate Tony Ford performed a preliminary analysis and determined that it would not be in the owners’ best interest to sell at this time.  With his background and expertise he was able to make several recommendations as to how the owners could ...

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Breakfast at the BAC: Strategic Planning

Senior Associate Leland Clemons will serve as a guest panelist at the Fort Worth Business Assistance Center’s “Breakfast at the BAC” on Thursday, November 21, 2013 from 7:30-9:00 a.m.  The topic will be strategic planning, an area of focus to which Leland has dedicated a considerable portion of his career. Admission is free and you ...